The House of Saint special Isabel is a therapeutical community for adolescents and adults with necessities. In the House of Saint Isabel we look for to form a community that provides to each person the possibility of auto development, cure and accomplishment of its potential.

The legal body of the institution is an Association and is as such recognized one as IPSS – Particular Institution of Social Solidarity.
the House of Saint Isabel is guided by a communitarian impulse and the social, cultural and economic principles of the Antroposofia inspired for Rudolf Steiner, doutorado in philosophy (1861-1925), a mundovisão that accumulates of stocks the understanding spiritual of the human being and the universe:

In a community of people who work together, well-being of the community is in such a way bigger the less the individual worker to complain for itself the advantages of its work and the more of these advantages they will be you deliver to its pairs. In turn it will allow that its proper necessities find reply in the work carried through for others’.


The objectivo of the House of Saint Isabel is to create a community of life, work and learning for children, adolescents and adults with necessities special and its collaborators. These are strengthenn for creating healthful social relations in a dedicated environment to the personal, social and cultural renewal, to the therapy and the care of the land. The recognition of the full potential of each individual promotes independence in such a way as the interdependence, what it makes possible to each one its growth in the life of the community, while allows to the community the growth with the individual.


Develop capacities, respecting the differences in solidary and ethical way.

A community of life and work with a therapeutical environment of quality for the integral and harmonious development of the human being.


  • Respect:  Acceptance of the other in its humanity,
  • Allotment:  To give and to receive;
  • Solidarity:  To be available stops;
  • Ethics:  Inherent respect for a set of principles and values to our daily share;
  • Social responsibility as somatório of all the values.


1. Bigger co-responsabilização of the collaborators;
2.  To harness areas of production with sight to a bigger económica sustentabilidade;
3. Bigger interacção with the surrounding community with sight to the implementation of partnerships;
4. Continuous formation of the collaborators.