Race Rules 2020

12nd, 13rd and 14th, 2020

Oh Meu Deus – Ultra Trail®” – Serra da Estrela – Portugal 100 Miles is organized by Horizontes Company, Sports Tourism based in Proenca-a-Nova and have the institutional support of the Seia Municipality and the Council Union of Seia, São Romão and Lapa dos Dinheiros.

Oh Meu Deus – Ultra Trail® – Serra da Estrela – 100 Miles Portugal is a recreational/sporting event, pedestrian in nature with the mountain’s characteristics. It develops itself in routes using paths, forest trails, rural roads, pathways and hiking trails, and taking the less time possible to complete the itinerary on foot.

This event aims to combine the spirit of adventure in nature, tourism and sport. It will consist of 4 distances:

  • OMD200 (160+40): Single and Double
  • OMD100: Single and Double
  • OMD50
  • OMD20

Provisional information

Race Distance Positive Slop (+) Limit Time Difficulty level(ATRP)
OMD200(Viriato) 202,6km 9.889m 44 hours 2
OMD160 161,4km 8.331m 44 hours 2
OMD100 101,7km 5.209m 26 hours 2
OMD50 54km 2.548m 11 hours 2
OMD20 27,8km 1.160m hours 2

Participation will be possible in teams consisting of 2 elements without distinction of category, in the distances of OMD160 and OMD100.

  • The pairs must start and finish the race together.
  • The abandonment of one of the elements penalizes with the disqualification and the withdrawal of the race team.
  • The pair must always stay together all the way.
  • There will be awards for the first 3 teams. There will be no distinction of categories.
  • All doubles that finish 200 km within the allotted time of 44 hours will win the title of Viriato and receive 1 Trophy.

  • Whoever finish the K160 will be entitled to the finisher medal and the first three classified will be awarded the trophy referring to the male or female category.
  • To continue the race and run more 40 kilometres, to the OMD200, you must complete the K160 in 32 hours.
  • For those who finish the OMD200 (K160 + K40) within the limit of 44 hours, it will be assigned the title of VIRIATO.
  • There will be no distinction of first, second and third place for whoever completes the OMD200. The awarding of these warriors will be held in a ceremony with the delivery of a “Trophy Viriato”.

Participation conditions

Medical Certificate Liability Agreement
  1. Delivery of a medical certificate mandatory attesting your physical condition at check-in  for the OMD200(160+40)  and OMD100 .
  2. Participation is open to any participant over the age of 18.
  3. Liability agreement signed according to the identify card to be delivered on check-in for all races
  4. Be legal age the day of the proof and being in good health
  5. Be fully aware of the distance, specificity of the proof and have acquired a real personal autonomy capacity to manage the difficulties and problems that may arise in this type of event.
  6. Informing the organization of any health problem that you have, for previous known of the first aid, if necessary, such as: diabetes, hypertension, asthma and other chronic diseases

Warning: The organization have the right to exclude from the event, even before its beginning, any participant that, by his behaviour, management and/or its good working. In case it occur, the athlete will not be reimbursed.

The registrations should be made on this link:  http://www.ohmeudeus.com/kits-inscricao/

Each participant must complete the registrations form correctly and pay the registration amount fee within the stipulated period, and each participant is responsible for the veracity of his data.

The payment methods available are: bank transfer.

The in case of payment by bank transfer you must send the payment confirmation.

The inscription occur in three distinct periods:


01/11/19 to 31/11/19

Phase A Special

01/12/19 to 31/04/20

Phase B

01/05/20 to 20/05/20 

Phase C

OMD20 20€ 25€ 35€
OMD50 35€ 40€ 55€
OMD100 55€ 60€ 82€
OMD100(Double) 120€ 120€ 120€
OMD200(160+40) 80€ 95€ 120€
OMD200(Double) 170€ 170€ 170€

The regularised inscription includes:

  • Personal accident and liability insurance.
  • Personalised running number.
  • Official event gift.
  • Finisher prize for those who finished the race.
  • Solid and liquid supplies, while in competition
  • Medical and/or nursing assistance in the arrival line and in indicated points during the proof
  • Assured transport until arrival point in case of abandonment or for having be prevented by the organization to continue in proof.
  • Arrival snack
  • Shower
  • Hard ground (sports Hall)


  • After registration closing, no data alterations are allowed
  • Besides expressly agreement with the statement of the actual regulation, the participants must sign the liability agreement, download it from the web page, to be printed and delivered by the athlete in the moment of receiving the race kit.
  • In the act of inscription and delivery of liability agreement, the participant assumes the risks of his participation in the event and total responsibility by possible consequences, including involvement in accidents followed by injuries or death, unless caused by exclusive organization responsability.
  • The switch of inscription or type of race only can be made until 31th may 2020, that means, the last day of inscriptions, after that date it will not be allowed any change.

ATENTION: If the change is for a race with a higher registration fee, the differential will be paid at the values in force at the time of the change. If it is for a race with a lower registration fee, there will be no refund of the differential.

Athlete kit delivery – Check-In

To make the check-in, participants may deliver the following documents:

  1. Identify card or passport.
  2. The athlete kit must be received by himself. The lifting made by a third person is only allowed through a authorization document.

It is not allowed any alterations to participant’s info after 31th may 2020. In case of cancellation, the amount of this edition will be credited to the same athlete or another that he indicates, exclusive for the edition of 2021 of Oh Meu Deus Ultra-Trail Serra da Estrela, according to the following tabble:

Waiver Amount of credit
Until 31st December 90%
Until 29th February 75%
Until 30th April 50%
Until 20th May 25%
After 31st May There will be no credit
  1. All participants will be automatically insured, by the Insurer to be contractor, according to law degree no. 10/2009, of 12th january
  2. In case of accident, the participant must, in first place, contact the organization, which will provide his routing to the nearest medical institution, along with the accident claim form. Sometimes, due the urgency/severity of some accidents, i tis not possible to fill out the participation form at the momento f the accident. In these cirscumstances, the claim may be accomplished after the participant has received the first aid.
  3. The payment of the insurance, in case of accident, is the exclusive responsibility of the athlete.
  4. The costs will be supported by injured and refunded posterior by the insurance company.
  5. The organization declines any type of payment.
  6. The organization will not assume any claim costs, which are not from his knowledge in appropriate time to activate the insurance

WARNING: In case of accident the insurance must be activated up to 24 hours after the event and the organization must be informed. The organization will not pay any cost is the insurance will not be activated on time.

Race number

  • The athlete’s number is personal and non-transferable and must always be visible during the race, must be positioned on the clothing, chest or abdomen, leg or back
  • Only participants with a visible dorsal number will have access to the control and supply support stations
  • In case of loss the race number, the participant will be disqualified immediately
  • If some race participant has a dorsal number and that is not her own, he / she will be immediately invited to withdraw from the race.
  • The registration changes and race category changes only be allowed until May 31st 2020, that is the last day of registrations. After that date the change will not be allowed.

WARNING: You should not give your dorsal number to another athlete without permission of the Organizers. The insurance is only directed to the person originally registered.

Control and supply stations

  1. Each runners must bring, throughout the race, with them all the required equipment (see mandatory equipment). In any part of the route you must have the mandatory equipment.
  2. The supply stations will have liquids for immediate consumption. The organizers provides pure water to fill bottles or water bags. The runner must ensure that he has, in each supply station, the quantities of water and food he needs to get to the next supply point.
  3. The check points are obligatory passage points and are located in places outlined by the organization. In each of these control points will be present a person in charge of the organization.
  4. Failing to pass at one or more checkpoints will lead to the runner disqualification
  5. During the race there may be “surprised checkpoints” in order to ensure fulfillment of the route. Their location, of course, will not be communicated by the organization.
  6. The race abandonment must be made only and exclusively at checkpoints.
  7. In case of accident or injury, in which the runner stay immobilized and unable to reach a checkpoint, he / she must activate the rescue operation by contacting the organization support.
  8. The organization contact number for emergency purposes will be printed on the participant’s dorsal and should be recorded in advance on the participant’s mobile phone.
  9. Do not forget that due a problems associated with the environment and this type of events, it may be necessary wait by the assistance for longer than expected time. Therefore, the primary safety of athletes depends basically of the equipment quality they are using.
  10. The participants must respect the decisions of specialized medical staff.

Time limit (Time Barrier)

  1. All races categories are single stage, with a time limit for conclusion.
  2. The hourly barriers are calculated for allow participants to reach the finish line in the time limit imposed, considering already the possible breaks (rest, supplies, etc.). In order to be allowed to continue in the competition, the participants must arrive and leave from checkpoint before their closure, otherwise they will be prevented to proceeding and consequently will be disqualified.
  3. For bigger reasons (weather / safety), the organization reserves the right for change the time barriers at any time, before or during the event.

Time control methodology

  1. It will be used manual control of the each participant’s passage registration for time control. At all the checkpoints there will be one responsible person who will record all runners passage.
  2. At all checkpoints the runner should approach the person in charge and make sure that the record of their passage has been made.
  3. At the starting zone the clock starts counting at the stipulated time, with or without their presence. The participants who are not present, until 15 minutes after departure or that only will are introduce themselves beyond this period, they will be declassified.

Assistance during the race

  1. Personal assistance is allowed in the 100 meters that precede the entry to the control / supply stations in the specific area for that.
  2. No athlete can be helped, throughout or part the route, by persons not accredited, except in the tolerances zones defined in the previous paragraph.
  3. It will be prohibited circulate with the team support cars inside the route and these should remain stopped at the arrival point.

CLOTHE’S CHANGES – Control Point/Supply station predefined

Categories OMD200(160+40)/OMD100 (bags for clothes’ changing)

  1. For the racing category OMD200(160+40) there will be two control points for clothes’ changing and for the racing category OMD100 there will be one control point for clothes change.
  2. All participants must deliver a closed bag given by the Organization, with the clothes’ changing, this one must be delivered in the secretariat. These bags will then be transported to the respective control points and will be back to the race support logistics center, after their closures.
  3. The bags can be delivered by the participant’s support team
  4. In an orderly manner, without haste, you should go to the control desk and request the equipment, which should be packed in a small bag..
  5. The contents of the bags will not be checked so no complaints will be accepted. It is recommended that you do not put any valuables.
  6. After the race, the drop bag must be picked maximum until 14:00 p.m. on June 14th at the event center. If you do not pick up the bag, the organization can facilitate its sending by post or other means of distribution, upon request by the participant and after paying all the expenses related: (postage pack + postage) plus one administrative fee of € 15,00. This submission will have a deadline of June 15, 2020. After this date, equipment which is in good conditions will be donated, otherwise it will be trowed away.

Attention: The equipment that you carry with you must be transported during the whole race.

It is forbidden to deliver or lift the routes during the course of it. Canes are not allowed on sack bags. Clothing  and slippers changes will only be allowed in a proper place for this purpose.

At the Identified Control Station you can only survey equipment for the rest of the course. The organization shall not be liable for any property left outside the Controlled Identification Post.

Mandatory equipment

This list can be changed. In this case will be reported in the participant’s guide.

Mandatory equipment OMD200(160+40) OMD100 OMD50 OMD20
Number visible during the entire race duration. x x x x
Backpack or similar equipment x x x
Water deposit or equivalent of 1,0 liter, minimum x x x x
Survival blanket (min. 100×200) x x x
Windproof / waterproof jacket x x x
Operational mobile phone (with money and battery available) x x x x
Food reserve x x x x
Whistle x x x x
Glass (the organization will not provide glasses at the refreshment posts) x x x x
2 torch / head-torch (frontal and back light) with replacement batteries x x x
Safety pins or dorsal belt x x x x

Recommended equipment

  • Long trousers, which at least cover the knee
  • Waste bag, incorporated or not in the backpack
  • Gloves, hat, cap or “buff” (according to the weather forecast)
  • Salt and sugar sachets
  • Bats, GPS, pocket knife, rope, roller bandage or elastic band for dressings, sunscreen, petroleum jelly or anti friction cream, sewing kit.
  • Antacid for digestive problems
  • Energy bars or solid food (chocolate tablets or fruit)
  • Amount in cash (to unforeseen circumstances)

For safety reasons, all participants are advised to check their material in order to ensure that they are in perfect condition for the race.

Trophy * for the first 10 winners of the respective Men’s and Women’s categories for the OMD160, OMD100, OMD50 and OMD20 distances

Position Awards Position Awards
1st place Trophy + registration edition 2021 6th place Trophy
2nd place Trophy  7th place Trophy
3rd place Trophy  8th place Trophy
4th place Trophy  9th place Trophy
5th place Trophy 10th place Trophy

*Award for double teams

  • There will be awards for the first 3 teams.
  • There will be no distinction of categories.
  • All doubles that compute 200 km within the allotted time of 44 hours will win the title of Viriato and receive 1 Trophy.

* Viriato Trophy

Trophies will be awarded to participants who complete the OMD200 (160 + 40) without distinction of position or category.

*The prizes are personal and non-transferable and will only be awarded for the participants who appear in person at the awards ceremony and they will not be sent or handed out in advance for any reason.

There will be classification of the respective categories Men and Women for all distances, according to ATRP regulations, there will be no prize awards for year categories.

  • M Under 23 – 19 to 22 years old
  • M Seniors – 23 to 39 years old
  • M40 – 40 to 44 years old
  • M45 – 45 to 49 years old
  • M50 – 50 to 54 years old
  • M55 – 55 to 59 years old
  • M60 – over 60 years

Short briefing

  1. The signage will have mostly orange tapes, however, biodegradable inks, reflective signs, flags and plates will be used.
  2. The signage with tapes will be, in 95% of cases, on the right side. Tapes on the left route side is indicating that you will change direction.
  3. You never should walk more than 200 meters without signaling, in this case, you should go back until you find the last tape or signage.
  4. If you cannot find the signage continuity, should be contact the organization immediately.
  5. The participant may leave the race route whenever wants, not suffering any punishment, but is mandatory go back to the same point in which they had left.

The race direction and the control heads, presents in the control stations, are responsible for the application the rules and regulations that manage the race, therefore, are authorized to apply the penalties and disqualifications, established in the table bellow.

Refuse to assist a person in difficulty Declassification
Leave the race without warning the organization Declassification
Share the dorsal number with another runner during part or all the race Declassification
Failure the route intentionally and meaningfully Declassification
Frauds (use a mean of transportation) Declassification
Insulting and threatening staff or volunteers Declassification
Remove signage of the route or change route Declassification
Doping Declassification
Disobeying the safety rules indicated by the organization and associated entities Declassification
Refusal to medical check along the race route Declassification
Some mandatory equipment is missing and refuse an inspection of the mandatory equipment Declassification
Exceeding control timeout at time barrier checkpoint Declassification
Missing one or more checkpoints Declassification
Request for help without need Declassification
Throw trash on the floor and / or damage the  environment Declassification
Using other paths than those flagged for the race, since as they do not represent intentional shortcuts. 1st warning – Sanction 1h
2nd warning – Declassification
Receive help outside the areas defined by the organization 1st warning – Sanction 1h
2nd warning – Declassification
Have by your side any person not accredited by the organization, except inside areas defined by the organization. Sanction 1h


  • Complaints must be made no later than 48h.

  • Ratings are final 72h after setting this deadline.

  • The Complaints Analysis Jury should meet whenever possible at the venue and include, in addition to the Race Director, an ATRP member and a representative of the athletes.

To the Organization of the Oh Meu Deus – Ultra Trail® – Serra da Estrela – 100 Miles Portugal event, its sponsors and the entities that collaborate in the sporting event organization , reserves the rights to use freely in all countries and in all forms, any competitors participation as well as the results obtained by them.

  1. The event may be video recorded and / or photographed by the Event Organization and journalists for further advertising.
  2. The participants who have any restrictions of use their image should notify the Event Organization in advance and in write way. Otherwise, you are automatically authorizing their use at any time without the right to receive financial compensation from the organization.

Our organization declines all liability in case of accident, negligence, theft, as well as with the objects and values of each participant.

  1. All doubts about the interpretation of the Regulation and other cases related to the event will be analyzed and decided by the Event Organization.
  2. It’s the sole responsibility of the Organization to approve any corrections it deems appropriate at any time, which will be published on the Internet, on the official event website, in the participant’s guide and also in the secretariat.
  3. If this Regulation have been published in other languages, there being doubts regarding its interpretation, the Portuguese text will be the only one considered valid.
  4. Voluntary registration, payment and participation in Oh Meu Deus – Ultra Trail® – Serra da Estrela – 100 Miles Portugal event, the athlete acknowledges that has read, understood and accepted, without reservation, the terms and conditions of participation, whose rules are part integrant of race regulations as well any subsequent changes made to them.By registering, participants exempt the organizers from any liability, whether civil or criminal, for damage to persons and/or property caused by or to him/her.
  5. The organization, in cases of bad weather and / or for safety reasons, reserves the right to interrupt, partially or totally, to change schedules, times of barriers, modify routes, suspend and / or cancel in whole or in part the performance of the test on the date and place provided. In these cases, there will be no reimbursement to competitors of the funds already paid or to the sponsors.

For any litigation is established the Justice Forum of the domicile from Horizontes Company

Proença-a-Nova, 20 of October of 2019