OMD200(160+40) - 14 / June / 2019

6 Points


Place of Departure: In front of Câmara de Seia
Schedule of Departure: 16 hours
Time Has limited of Test: 44 hours
Documents: Medical Certificate and Disclaimer deliver at check-in (available for print-on-downloads)

  •     Document of Identification (Passport)
  •     Dorsal/Pectoral (to be placed in the chest or abdomen of the visible athlete and during the totality of the passage)
  •     Knapsack or similar
  •     Operational Telemóvel (with enough balance and battery)
  •     Water reservoir with minimum capacity of 1 liter
  •     Personal cup with minimum of 15 CL (it does not have cups in the Food Ranks)
  •     Coat long sleeve to face rain or lower temperatures*
  •     1 Lantern (frontal and/or of hand) with stacks of reserve
  •     1 red back Light (blink-it blinks) – to be placed in the posterior part of the athlete, lighted during the nocturnal period
  •     1 blanket of survival (min. 100×200 cm)
  •     1 Whistle
  •     Food reserve

* the equipment could be modified in agreement the climate, come to leave of being demanded. (Guide of participant will be sent up to 8 days before the test)

  • Gloves, cap, polar lining, hat or cap
  • Hot clothes with long sleeves (type “second skin”, excluding from cotton)
  • Pants of race for the night and dumb one of hot clothes.
  • Minimum sum of 20€ (to cover unexpected expenditures)
  • Batons, compassing, GPS, solar protector, petroleum jelly or cream antifriction, kit sew.
  • Antacid for digestive problems.
  • Energy tablets of chocolates, bars, parts of fruits.
  • Saquetas of salt and sugar.
  1. For the racing category OMD200(160+40) there will be 2 (two) control point for clothes change.
  2. Participants are required to deliver the bags (supplied by the organization) closed with the change of clothes and identified with the stickers (provided by the organization) at the Secretariat. These bags will then be transported to their PCs and back at the Logistics Center on Sunday.
  3. The Athlete will have to bring its proper stock market if house. The organization entraga the labels for identification
  4. The bags can be delivered by the participant’s support team.
  5. In an orderly manner, without haste, you should go to the control desk and deliver the equipment, which should be packed in a small bag.
  6. The contents of the bags will not be checked and no complaints will be accepted.
  7. It is recommended that you do not put any valuables.

* The equipment that carry with you initially will be for the whole race. At the identified Control Station you can only delivery of equipment for the rest of the route. The organization shall not be liable for any belongs left outside the identified Control station.

** Atente to the participant guide who will be sent days before the test. In the same it will consist the type and amount of obligator and adapted equipment to the forecasts meteorological.

Day 13 June 2019 (Thursday)

 3:00 pm – Opening of the Check In Secretariat (it will be open until 7:00 p.m.)

Day 14 of June of 2019 (Friday)

  • 10:00 a.m- Opening of the Secretaryship/Check In (he will be open until 11:00 p.m).
  • 02:30 p.m- Meeting technique (briefing) with the athletes of the OMD200(160+40)
  • 03:15  p.m- Delivery of the bags of clothes for Rank of Identified Control.
  • 03:30 p.mVerification of mandatory equipment
  • 04:00 p.m- Left of the test.

Day 16 of June of 2019 (Sunday)

  • 12:00 a.m – Cerimónia of delivery of prémios.
  • 02:00 p.m – Closing of test OMD200(160+40)

Information from 2018, can be changed in 2019.



  • Distance: 160,210 km.
  • Positive unevenness: 8.193m.
  • Degree of difficulty:GRAU_2-e1410982732615
  • Control and supply stations: 15 supply stations Liquid and/or Solid including the arrival.



  • Distance: 195 km.
  • Positive unevenness: 9.644m.
  • Degree of difficulty:GRAU_2-e1410982732615
  • Control and supply stations: 17 supply stations Liquid and/or Solid including the arrival.

Information from 2018, can be changed in 2019.




One becomes to always follow for solid and liquid food reserves.

Either in any circumstance autossuficiente.
It uses equipment adjusted for the mountain.

The mountain has superior thermal variations very 20º in little distance.
A long sleeve coat, the cut-wind and pants never will be excessively.

It uses to advantage the test to make a introspeção.
It thinks about itself, the others and feels the privilege of being able to be to usufruct some of the wonders of the nature and the biggest Portuguese Natural Park.

It respects the support teams.
If it does not forget that the majority is voluntary and is there for helping and does not stop serving.

Either elegant and gracious with who very probably it does not sleep has many hours for guaranteeing to it that it has a support.