Oh Meu Deus! OH My God, Oh Mon Dieu, Oh Dio Mio, Oh Mein Gott, ああ、私の神。!

This universal interjection means incredulity for something you stand for.

The OMD Ultra Trail® Estrela Mountain is the precursor proof in long length of trail running in Continental Portugal, being the first one 100km and 100 miles.

In 2018 it started to have another emblematic distance called OMD200 (160 + 40), being acclaimed “Viriato” the athlete that traverse this distance within the 44horas.

The originality of the name also means the difficulties you will find throughout the route. An extensive route and with wide slopes. Join countless difficulties, inherent to prolonged effort, the altitude, the temperature ranges and we have an amazing race.

The demand for the physical limits, these days, is a purpose for many
people. That glory of finishing is transversal to the first and the last to reach the finish line.

Win the race is not the main goal for the vast majority of participants, but finish it. The feeling of lead until the end the challenge is an heroic act to be saved in the memories’ album. It’s the entrance to the Olympus that does not discern the first one from the last one.

It’s joy, it’s effort, it’s pain, it’s the glory, it’s harmony. It is the full contact with the nature, is the challenge, is the test to the physical and psychological limits. It is adrenaline, is sports of nature… it’s the emotion of traveling through the senses.