The City of Seia idealized and contruiu a structure, with guided to develop activities of ambient education and valuation of the ambient património of the Mountain range of the Star.

This structure, called CISE (Center of Interpretation of the Mountain range of the Star), is hosted in a green park with about two hectares, located in Seia. Its mission is “to synthecize and to divulge knowledge on the natural, social and economic processes that condition the life in this mountain”.

The CISE presents a set of structures and multibrave equipment of only characteristics in the region for the ambient education and spreading, the inquiry and the tourist promotion, regularly promoting expositions, seminaries, courses of formation and visits of ambient interpretation, among others activities.

The CISE is partner of the Oh Meu Deus Ultra Trail Serra da Estrela 100 Miles of Portugal

The CISE is installed in a park with an area of about 23 a thousand square meters, situated in the center of Seia, constituting the main woody space of the city.

Localization of the Center of Interpretation of the Mountain range of the Star

Street Visconde de Molelos, 6270-423 SEIA
Telephone: 238 320 300
Fax: 238 320 309